Activity 2: Collaborating on Upcoming Units (30 minutes)

*text in blue are links to documents, websites and other resources

As we are starting, or in the midst of unit 4 (for ELA/Math) or focusing on the upcoming unit in Social Studies or Science Essential Learnings, here are some additional resources to support cross-curricular instruction, projects and class activities...


Working with your subject team members, choose from the following resources to brainstorm how you would like to incorporate these resources into Unit 4. 

*Please Note*
The following online resources are merely SUGGESTIONS.  You do not have to use them-they're just additional resources for you to review when thinking about your next unit in ELA, Math, Science or Social Studies.  The most important thing is for subject teams to work together to collaborate on projects for upcoming units, and to share those ideas using the grade level documents linked below.  If there are other resources that you have found successful, please share them with your colleagues during this activity.  Feel free to plan projects and activities around those resources instead.  Collaboration is key.

  • ELA/Social Studies:  The Gilder-Lehrman Institute of American History 
    • The website includes a large library of primary and secondary sources, along with instructional resources that can be used with the 7th and 8th Grade's Social Studies unit. (6th grade teachers are also invited to use the resources, as CCSS in Unit 4 can be supported by activities on this website.)
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  • ELA/Writing:  ReadWorks
    • The resources has hundreds of passages with comprehension questions.
    • Passages can be searched by topic, grade level, lexile (reading level), or comprehension skill
    • Click here to see how one teacher used ReadWorks passages on her class website.
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  • Math/Science:  Mathalicious
    • Website includes math projects.  Projects can be searched by grade level and/or topic.  The projects serve as a great way to incorporated extended reasoning exercises into the Common Core math units.

  • Math/Science:  YummyMath
    • Similar to Mathalicious, YummyMath provides extended reasoning activities to students.  Activities can be searched by grade level or category.

Please click on a grade level below to share your subject team's ideas.  Nominate someone to be the scribe.  At the end of the activity, we'll spend a few minutes discussing some of the activities and projects that you have all come up with before moving on to Activity 3.