Advanced Google Docs Workshop


Based on feedback from the October session on Google Docs and Writing, a few of you expressed an interest in learning more about using Google Documents to create assessments, and track student data.  Based on your feedback, we have designed the following activities to challenge you.  Enjoy!

In this workshop, we're going to focus on:

1) How to score assessments created with Google Forms.
2) How to use Google Spreadsheets to track student data.

*After you complete each challenge, be sure to share your work in the box below.

Activity 1:  Scoring Google Forms

Use this video to learn how to score Google Forms.  The video also describes your assignment in this workshop.

Examples of Forms graded using Flubaroo (view the second worksheet for the flubaroo grades):

Activity 2: Tracking student data in Google Spreadsheets

Okay, now it gets challenging!

In this exercise, we're going to use Google spreadsheets to put in student data.  This is a great way to track student progress over the course of several assessments.  

To complete this exercise, watch this video.  

Please share your creations in the space below.  When you have finished, click on the "Feedback" tab above and complete the evaluation on today's workshop.

Thank you for spending your afternoon with us!  


Nick, Ruth and Sharon

Advanced Google Docs