For this activity:

1)  Review the table below to see innovative ways that schools are currently incorporating Google Apps.

2) Use the "Google Apps Exemplars Reflection" survey to share your thoughts.

How schools are already using Google Apps for Education

How Schools Use Google Apps

“Show Me” Exemplars

Brief Descriptions

Teacher to Student Collaboration

Teacher Artifacts

Descriptions and Teacher Comments

Improving the writing Process

Real-time Teacher to Student feedback and editing

Google Docs: Ms.  Clark, 7th Grade

Ms. Clark uses a screencast to describe how her students use Google Docs

  • Ms. Clark describes how students complete similar writing tasks, but now have more efficient and effective guidance with the teacher.

  • The comment structure prompts resolution, and is more likely to get a response from the student.

  • Ms. Clark comments are more intentional, with specific directions

  • The encouragement and correction are more vivid and immediate in this format.

Improving the writing Process

Real-time Teacher to Student feedback and editing

Google Docs: Ms Elvy, 6th Grade

Kaylani’s work

Paige’s work

  • Ms. Elvy has implemented Google Docs in her weekly lessons and writing activities in ELA classes this Fall to help promote teacher/student collaboration.  

  • To kick off the implementation of Google Docs in Ms. Elvy’s 5th grade class, the ITC introduced Google Docs with a short “How to” presentation.

  • Students are now submitting drafts and final essays through Google Docs.

  • Ms. Elvy also utilizes the comment feature to aid in the editing process with her students.

  • She is a great candidate to turnkey the use of Google Docs in the classroom.  

Improving the writing Process

Real-time Teacher to Student feedback and editing

Google Drive and Google Docs: Ms. Carlson, 8th Grade

Ms. Carlsen uses a screencast to describe how she uses Google Drive and Google Docs

  • Ms. Carlsen uses Google Drive to build a folder structure around ELA topics, ADNY Common Core units, and other projects her class is completing.

  • She uses the “comments” feature to engage her students in a dialogue around grammar and style.  

  • Ms. Carlsen describes how she is building a portfolio of student work using Google Drive.

  • She describes some of the reasons Google Drive and Docs is changing how she and her students work together.

Project Based Learning

Organizing and accessing student  work more efficiently

Google Docs: Mr. Beller, 8th Grade

Civil War Project Intro

Civil War Outline

Civil War Memorial Group Work Task Chart

Civil War Prezi Rubric

American War on Prezi Project

The War of Malice and Equality

  • Mr. Beller uses Google Docs to share out resources for his Civil War Prezi Project for his 8th grade Social Studies Class.

  • Students can copy the resource templates from any where, any time.

  • Mr. Beller has created a clear project planning document

  • He uses well constructed rubrics to guide students’ work and products.

Teacher-Student Assessment

Gathering student responses using Google forms

Ms. Carlsen, 8th Grade ELA (Of Mice & Men chapter review)

OMOM Student Responses

5th Grade Final Exam-ELA

  • Ms. Carlsen and Mrs. Harrison have used Google forms as an assessment  tool in ELA.  

  • Ms. Carlsen’s form assessed student comprehension based on a chapter review of a class novel.  Mrs. Harrison’s form was used in conjunction with a reading passage from ReadWorks.org as part of a 5th grade final exam.

Teacher-Student Assessment

Gathering student responses using Google forms

8th Grade Math Test on rates, taxes and mark ups.

Results and analysis from 8th Grade Math Test

  • The 8th grade teacher administered the Math test in Google forms.

  • Then the Tech Coach worked with the teacher using Flubaroo to create an analysis of the student grades and an item analysis.

Teacher to Principal Collaboration

Teacher Artifacts

Descriptions and Teacher Comments

Review and support teachers with unit and lesson planning

Real-time Teacher -Principal sharing of unit and lesson plans

Google Drive and Google Docs: Joanne Walsh, Principal

Ms. Muoio, 2nd Grade by subject

Mr. Fava, 7th Grade by date

Mr. Beller, 8th Grade Social Studies

Mr. Beller, Sample comments with the Principal

  • Joanne Walsh and Our Lady Queen of Angels School use Google Drive and Google Docs to  plan and organize units and lessons.

  • Ms. Walsh can review the teachers plans at any time, without having to go to their room to ask for planbooks, waste paper photocopying plans, or search through emails to find the plan sent by a particular teacher on a particular subject/date.

  • This added efficiency has allowed Ms. Walsh to be better informed and more supportive of her teacher’s instruction in her school

  • While this is currently happening through conversation with the teacher, it will grow into a more robust dialog with the use of comments and other collaboration.

Drive more interactive and engaged meetings and collaboration

Real-time Teacher -Principal sharing of important data

Google Docs: Educate LLC Tech Coach bi weekly Conference Call.

Sample Conference Call Agenda to guide our mid year meetings with schools.

Conference Call responses in a Google Doc

SI Instructional feedback: Teacher Survey

Survey Results (Responses)

  • Google Docs allows groups and faculties to work together and prepare for meetings so that time is used effectively.

  • Often, a small amount of preparation lays important groundwork before the group gathers.  This can also serve as a check that participants have completed any “home work “ before the meeting.

  • In this sample, Educate Tech Coaches were asked to reflect on their upcoming meetings with schools, share a success story from a school, and show how they made progress in that area.

  • SI Teacher Feedback: A number of teachers were asked to provide their feedback on instructional support they received this year and to identify their concerns, desires and needs for the rest of the year.  

  • The results were reviewed by the SI region staff and Educate LLC to identify next steps to help support teacher instruction for this year.

Drive more interactive and engaged meetings and collaboration

Real-time Teacher -Principal sharing of important data

St. Rita’s School Instructional Technology Action Plan (ITAP) Faculty Presentation

Holy Rosary’s Lunch-n-Learn

  • SRS ITAP: In this sample, The ITC used Google Presentation for the faculty meeting to review and inform teachers of the Instructional Technology Action Plan for the year.

  • Principal/Teachers/Students may use Google Presentation in this manner as well. Students can collaborate on projects. Principals can  facilitate important docs and obtain teacher’s feedback using the same doc.

  • HRS PD: In sample, the ITC used Google presentation for her professional development material, shared to faculty members on their Ed. Tech website.

Teacher to Parent/Student Collaboration

Teacher Artifacts

Descriptions and Teacher Comments

Teachers actively communicate effectively with their class parents

Teacher-Parent/Student communication with class websites

Class Websites created by teachers:

Ms. Perugini:  5th/6th Grade Science

Ms. Devlin: 3rd Grade

Mrs. Fusic: Kindrgarten

Ms. Marchi: Grade PreK3

  • The St. Charles class websites keep parents informed about the happenings and upcoming events in the classroom each week.

  • The website, including homework, can be updated weekly.

  • Teachers “bring parents into class” through pictures, screencasts, and digital projects that are shared there.

  • Class websites guide parents to resources for reinforcement such as Reading Eggs, Mathletics, and other sites.

Google Apps Exemplars Reflection