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Activity 1: Depth of Knowledge (30 Minutes)

*text in blue are links to documents, websites and other resources

Webb's Depth of Knowledge is a tool we can use to measure the complexity of activities, projects, assessments, etc. that we use with students.  

Step 1:

Group yourselves by the grade level you teach.  (If you teach more than one grade level, choose the level that you would like to focus on for today's workshop.)

Step 2:

Introduction to Depth of Knowledge

For a good introduction to Depth of Knowledge, let's start with the following video.

Step 2:  

Here are some additional resources to understand/apply Depth of Knowledge:

  1. DoK "wheel"-this wheel offers a list of key tasks, differentiated by DoK level
  2. DoK Suggested Activities-a breakdown of each level, with suggested projects and activities

Using the three resources above, assess TWO of the following activities and projects.  Work with your subject team.  Which levels of DoK are being addressed by the projects below?

 Title    (click on each project's title) Description
 Women's History "Hall of Fame" A project completed by 8th grade students during Women's History Month in Social Studies.
 Ancient Civilizations 6th Grade End-of-Year Social Studies project for students to demonstrate their understanding of key features in the civilizations they have studied.
 The American Dream 8th Grade Social Studies/ELA project
 Connected Middle School Math project.  
 The Periodic Table     Students created online posters to describe elements that they were assigned.
 The Human Body Students completed a research project which results in students creating presentations to teach one another about body systems.  

Use the form below.  Each grade level team should nominate one person to scribe.

Depth of Knowledge Exercise

When you've completed this activity, enjoy a 5 minute break.

When you're ready...